Fix, Flip & Rehab
with Renovo

We work with you from pre-acquisition of a project through the final sale to streamline financing and allow you to focus on finding and completing more projects.

We understand project financing is an integral part of your business, but shouldn’t be a burden. 

With rates as low as 2 points and starting at 10% we have a loan that will get you moving forward faster.

Standard Rehab Loan Terms

Up to 70% of the ARV

No monthly interest payments

2-point origination fee

8-month maturity

Interest fees starting at 10%

Working with Renovo Capital, LLC will allow you to:

Take advantage of time-sensitive opportunities with prompt project approvals
Avoid appraisals and all junk fees
Simplify cash-flow management with no monthly interest payments
Close and fund quickly
Take construction draws on your timeline

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