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The Renovo Way

1. Relationship Building
  • Focused around clients and their goals
  • Touches on Renovo and its offerings
  • Underwriting and Fit
2. Project Due Diligence
  • Establishes project scope
  • Performs project analysis
  • Audits project suitability
3. The Purchase
  • Reviews pre-closing items
  • Prepares necessary documents
  • Closes and funds the project
4. Progress Draws
  • Submits paperwork
  • Performs prosperity inspection
  • Funds disbursement
5. Onward & Upward
  • Sell prosperity
  • Payoff
  • Next project

If you are looking for a loan for single-family or small multifamily real estate investment purposes, we have a loan that will work for you. All of our loans include all funds needed for construction and none of our loans require monthly payments for the term of the loan so you can focus on getting your projects done and not worry about where the money to finish them or pay interest will come from. 


We finance up to 70% of the completed value or ARV of your property.  Our loans range from 2% - 3% in origination fees and interest rates of 9% - 12% with maturities of 8 or 11 months. 







8 / 11 month


Check out the pages on each loan program to learn more about Renovo’s ability to help simplify your financing.