About Renovo

At Renovo Capital, LLC our goal is to add value for clients by providing simple financing solutions.  

We are a private lender with immense flexibility in how we operate, which we pass along to you.  

We are a small team that is based in the western suburbs of Minneapolis and all have deep-rooted interests in different aspects of real estate and construction that we use to help clients achieve their goals. 

Family playing in driveway

While we all have a passion for real estate and construction, we all share the core values of: 


We strive for a deeper understanding of people and situations by engaging one another.  We diligently listen and ask questions to fully grasp the needs, desires, and aspirations of our clients and our team. 


Listening gives us the awareness and capacity to produce efficient solutions that benefit all parties involved.  We take pride in our work and routinely evaluate our processes and outcomes to increase the value of the solutions we provide. 


Work is one component of our lives and flexes around friends and family.  We listen and solve to create simple, straightforward, and transparent solutions allowing us, and our clients, to spend more time on the most important aspects of life. 

Do you have additional questions?

If you have additional questions, please reach out to us at 952.300.8462, email us at info@renovomn.com, or fill out our contact us form!